Advancing Africa’s vast potential

Asset Advancement:

Equatorial Resources Limited is dedicated to progressing its existing mineral resource assets, driving economic growth in Africa.

Sustainable Development:

Equatorial Resources Limited is committed to responsible mining practices, ensuring the sustainability of the environment and communities around its operations.

Opportunity Exploration:

Equatorial Resources Limited’s continuous search for new opportunities in the resources sector allows for potential expansion and growth.

Equatorial Resources Limited (ASX: EQX) is an ASX-listed company primarily focusing on Africa. The company is advancing its mineral assets, including the notable Nimba Alliance Iron Ore Project. This key project underscores the company’s commitment to exploring and developing high-value mineral resources. Alongside its project work, Equatorial Resources Limited is also actively exploring new opportunities in the resources sector. The company is committed not only to the economic growth of the continent but also to sustainable development, ensuring responsible mining practices that protect the environment and uplift local communities.

The EQX Vision for a Sustainable Future in Africa

At Equatorial Resources, we recognise the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in driving sustainable growth and long-term value for our stakeholders. Our commitment to responsible environmental management ensures that we minimise our ecological footprint while exploring and developing Africa’s vast mineral potential. We actively engage with local communities, governments, and global mining partners to foster positive relationships, promoting social development and economic growth in the regions we operate.